Exiting Apple Short Trade

I exited the remaining position in the AAPL short trade at $37.44. The stock is now near a decent support area and may be set to bounce. Keep an eye on the bounce. If it's on weak volume, we'll get another good short opportunity via a "dead cat bounce". Right now, the volume pattern is... Continue Reading →

SPY at a Glance

The doji candle printed Friday, which follows a bounce on low volume with overbought stochastics, leads me to believe we'll see a pullback this week.

The Line

I could not have imagined the QLD trade working better than it has. I took partial profits at $72.88 today (entered at $67.88, as noted in the free trial of the Trade Report) for a $1250 gain (+7.3%). I've moved my stop on the remaining position up to my entry point, and have had thoughts... Continue Reading →

How Can You Not Bet Against Gold?

I am hearing a lot of bullish chatter amongst bloggers and media about the near future for gold. This seems to always happen when a former leader (momo stock) breaks down and prints a dead cat bounce. I love it when this happens.Let's ignore the talking heads and take a look at the chart. First,... Continue Reading →

Quick Thought: The Commodity Bounce

Many broken commodity plays, like the ag sector, have made big bounces today (as of 11:35 AM ET). Keep an eye on volume. One of two things is going to happen:1. A low volume bounce which will be a "dead cat" signal. If this happens I will intitiate shorts in stocks like MON and TRA.2.... Continue Reading →

Market Notes and a Trade

There has been some confusion that I would like to clear up. Some of you think that I am bullish on the market because I am making long play on the S&P 500. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a short term bounce play within a downtrending market. Until the indexes can... Continue Reading →

Weekly Spy Chart

Analysis of the weekly SPY chart leads me to believe the market still has room for a bounce before the next downturn.Key factors in support of bounce:1. Bounce at major price support2. Stochastic oversold crossover developing3. More room to move until resistance reached.Note that each time stochastic has reached oversold levels and crossed we've seen... Continue Reading →

Short Term Capitulation?

I have a feeling we might be in the midst of short term capitulation. Things look really bad, many former leaders are getting abused and it is really tough to buy right now. Note that does not mean we are going to see the uptrend resume. If we get a post capiutlation bounce, I think... Continue Reading →

Quick Trade Update

I took small long positions in CF (92.05), AAPL (179.80), FSLR ($235.25) and RIG (132). The first three were so oversold that I decided to buy after they started to bounce off their lows. If we get the holiday bounce everybody is waiting for, these stocks should do quite well.I used strength to short dryshippers... Continue Reading →

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