Chart of the day: ARAY

Today's chart of the day is medical devices maker ARAY. The stock has pulled back to the 50 dma after a strong uptrend and is now oversold. This setup offers great reward to risk with a target near $10, entry around $9 and a stop around $8.75.Subscribe to The Market Speculator by EmailWith a 4:... Continue Reading →

Chart of the day is EA: Keep it simple stupid!

Sometimes swing trading is easier than we make it. In the trading game it literally pays to keep it simple.Our stock of the day, EA is a great example of the KISS method. When do you buy EA?That's easy. When it pulls back to the 50 dma or when stochastics near oversold levels. It's a... Continue Reading →

NFLX Trade

I entered NFLX today at $186.11. Here is what I wrote to trade report members:My watchlist is rather small right now and there aren't any good entries, so I'm going to take this opportunity to analyze a focus list stock that is not an easy sell as a long or short right now, NFLX.NFLX has... Continue Reading →

Trade Entry: AMZN

I entered AMZN based on 1) the oversold stochastic reading and 2) pullback to the 50 day moving average. There is not credible chart pattern, but risk is low and the two elements listed give a slight edge.Stop is below the moving average, around $129. The intital target is $140, followed by $145.

AIG is a Great Low Risk Setup

AIG's volume pattern shows that it is under accumulation. This pullback offers a low risk setup. If entered around $37, with a stop under the 20 day moving average at $34.50 and target near the recent high at $50, we are looking at a 6:1 reward ratio. If you find enough trades like this, you... Continue Reading →

The Simple SPY Strategy

My strategy for trading SPY is about as simple as it gets right now: Short strength and buy weakness.I will look to enter long on a pullback to the 200 day moving average. My "rubber band" short setup triggers on continued strength close to $100.

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