Game Plan and Free Trade Report

Here is my game plan for the rest of the week and free trade report. Watch for the key SPY support levels. A continuation of the down move would setup some nice "oversold bounce" trades. 2, 2009Note: I will not have access to a computer Thursday and Friday while on vacation, so there will be... Continue Reading →

Monday Game Plan and Free Trade Report

To see the report with charts, click hereAugust 24, 2009Market Notes:In the law there is a term called "de novo", which means to consider a matter anew. It's commonly used when an appeals court reviews a lower court decision. The appeals court can review the case with a fresh pair of eyes. I like to... Continue Reading →

Quick Hit Game Plan

1. SPY has decent long entry here at support. Tight stop.2. Short SPY and watchlist stocks on bounce.3. Many watchlist short setups can be entered long as snapback trades if we get major weakness in the coming days.4. Tech looks bad. Short Qs on stength.

Game Plan For Monday

Here is my detailed plan for Monday and the coming week, as sent to subscribers in today's Trade Report:May 18, 2009Market Notes:The market has pulled back close to the entry point we've been watching (87-88).  The pullback is not ideal, as price has not pulled back in an orderly fashion.  Also, while volume is not... Continue Reading →

Thinking Out Loud (both on and off topic)

1. The overall market looks good, but resistance is looming.2. A few more points down and I will start letting go of my short positions (already got rid of RTP).3. I will likely enter SPY around $87-884. Most stocks are pulling back with bullish undertones (low volume, orderly price movement).5. Lots of good looking breakout... Continue Reading →

SPY Chart Analysis

I posted the SPY chart that I sent to subscribers last night without any annotations and a few blog readers weren't quite sure what the chart meant. The key is the two line drawn and support and resistance. If SPY gets close to the top line (around $93-95), that sets up a great short entry.... Continue Reading →

Spy Chart

I currently have only one positions (SPY at $84.03). The chart below show looming resistance levels, which correspond with my targets.

Monday’s Game Plan

Here is the report I have sent to subscribers laying out my plan for Monday:Market Notes:Let's go over the state of the market on different time frames.  The long term trend is bearish.  We are still in a bear market.  While I have not posted a long term chart, notice that the 200 day moving average (which... Continue Reading →

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