OT: My All-Time Baseball Team

A few buddies and I were debating our "all-time" baseball team. This is going back to when we started watching (early 80s). Nobody we haven't gown up with is allowed:C: Joe Mauer1B: Albert Pujols2B: Joe MorganSS: Alex Rodriguez3B: Mike SchmidtRF: Ichiro Suzuki (torn betwen him, Reggie Jackson, Vlad and Tony Gwynn)CF: Ken Griffey Jr LF:... Continue Reading →

Thinking Out Loud (both on and off topic)

1. The overall market looks good, but resistance is looming.2. A few more points down and I will start letting go of my short positions (already got rid of RTP).3. I will likely enter SPY around $87-884. Most stocks are pulling back with bullish undertones (low volume, orderly price movement).5. Lots of good looking breakout... Continue Reading →

Where’s the Volume?

As I type, I am sitting on the deck of a cottage over looking Lake Superior. Listening to the waves gently crash against the rocky shore below me, I am hard pressed to look at any charts. I don't know of many places with more natural beauty than Minnesota's Northern Shore. Maybe Yosemite, which I've... Continue Reading →

Trades and Thoughts

All of my oversold bounce indicators are now flashing buy signals. However, I do have some concerns and am not taking on any huge positions here. While I have made some trades to the long side to try and capitalize on a bounce, they are all average or small in position size. Why am I... Continue Reading →

Just the Charts Please

Have you ever admired an actor to the point of watching all of his movies, but then you hear them say something so stupid it made you never want to watch one of their movies again? This evening I encountered that same phenomenon in the blogging world:If you are like me and live within your... Continue Reading →

Tuesday and Off Topic Stuff

There isn't much new to report with regards to my strategy going into Tuesday. I plan to try to unload my QID position into strength, and possibly repurchase on weakness, as I did today. You know the saying: keep striking while the coal is hot. Until this strategy ceases to work, I'll keep at it.I... Continue Reading →

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