Thinking Out Loud (both on and off topic)

1. The overall market looks good, but resistance is looming.2. A few more points down and I will start letting go of my short positions (already got rid of RTP).3. I will likely enter SPY around $87-884. Most stocks are pulling back with bullish undertones (low volume, orderly price movement).5. Lots of good looking breakout... Continue Reading →

Some Good Readin’

Here's some good stuff I have recently read"The best and worst of the first quarter.What to look for next week. Here's more.Blue Blood and Mutiny book review.Malcolm Gladwell on a topic I have studied extensively over the past two years, race and IQ.More Gladwell on race and IQ.Bill Maher on biofuels and socializing medicine.The amazing... Continue Reading →

Odds and Ins

Sorry guys, didn't have time to post yesterday and have not had the chance to update my trades. I hope to catch up this weekend. A number of stocks on my bullish watchlist are pulling back, which is great. However, some of them has gapped down to their buypoints, which is not so great. I... Continue Reading →

In Defense of Jim Cramer

Is there anybody more loved and hated in the stock trading community than Jim Cramer? I doubt it. The guy is a lightening rod, and deservedly so. He's opinionated and isn't afraid to speak his mind. Anybody who takes that approach is going to make some great and not so great predictions. If he's wrong,... Continue Reading →

Holiday Postings

It's been a great holiday season so far. Besides the December profits, I've been able to enjoy some of my favorite past times, reading and sports. I've read 11 books this month, which is probably the most I've read in one month since the summer before law school. On top of that, I've played basketball... Continue Reading →

Odds and Ins

I am not doing much trading today. Just managing my positions. BCSI was on my radar after the breakout, but the gap down today concerned me.Don't forget, I'll be posting answers to your questions later this week. Ask me anything. Send your questions to: SinghJD1@aol.comI'm going to spend the rest of the day doing some... Continue Reading →

A Blast From the Past: Criminal Minds

A little over a year ago, I posted quotes from the hit TV show Criminal Minds that related to trading. Surprisingly, it's been one of the site's most popular posts. It seems a lot of civilians (aka non-traders) search Criminal Minds quotes on google. Here is the post in it's entirety:One of my favorite shows... Continue Reading →

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