Links that Get the Market Speculator’s Seal of Approval

Here is a list of posts and articles that are worthy of the Market Speculator’s highly sought after seal of approval.

Trading Links:
Dr. Steenbarger shows that strength begets more strength. Maybe my pullback strategy won’t work . . .

The gold ETF looks golden. I’m a buyer on a pullback.

The market in a minute. Dave Landry’s presentations provide quick and insightful market analysis.

Dummyspots “fade the fed trade” did not work this time, but I have used a similar approach successfully in the past.

I’m watching most of the same charts as the guys over at highchartpatterns.

Chris Perrunna highlights a book Victor Sperandeo published that I did not know about. I subscribe to the theory that the fed is a tool to manipulate the masses (and that governments are controlled by powers beyond our knowledge), so you can bet I’m going to get my hands on the book.

Nobody is better than TraderJamie at diagramming day trades. I don’t do a lot of daytrading, but you can bet that when I do I’ll be using the knowledge I’ve gained at his site.

The meaninglessness of alpha.

Babak points out that the Dow is high relative to it’s moving average. That’s part of the reason I’m waiting for a pullback.

The people behind Bespoke are the best market researchers on the planet.

Sports and Entertainment Links:
I agree with Bill Simmons. Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows and television, and the best sports show ever, yet sports fans aren’t watching it.

Why is nobody up in arms over the racist and sexist comments made by Isiah Thomas? During his sexual harassment testimony, he says he has no problem with a black man calling a black woman a derogatory term (rhymes with witch), but has a problem with a white man doing the same thing.

I agree with Chris Collinsworth. The Texans might have made the right choice taking Mario Williams. I’ve always felt Reggie Bush is overrated.

You heard it here first: The Boston Celtics will win the Eastern Conference. As a die hard Timberwolves and KG fan, I’m now pulling for Boston. Anybody else thing Timberwolves GM and ex-Celtic great Kevin McHale is secretly working for Boston?

Today was a sad day for Chuck Liddell fans (for those who have no idea who I’m talking about, we’re talking UFC-mixed martial arts). He lost for the second straight fight, this time to the dean of mean, Keith Jardine.

With the new fall season coming, here are my favorite shows, in no particular order: Lost, Heroes, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Friday Night Lights, Smallville, Office, Prison Break, Monk, Psyche and 4400.

I just finished reading The Smart Money: How the World’s Best Sports Bettors Beat the Bookies Out of Millions by Michael Kronik. It’s a fascinating look at high stakes sports betting and the corruption that goes on at Las Vegas gambling establishments.


4 thoughts on “Links that Get the Market Speculator’s Seal of Approval

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  1. I notice you like to buy recent breakouts after a low volume pullback, but what about placing a buy stop just above resistance to ride the momentum? You can still buy on the dip, but made a small profit on the breakout itself.


  2. I do use buy stops for breakouts occasionally. My concern when doing this is I cannot monitor the volume on breakout, which is a big factor in calculating the odds of a failed breakout. I only use the buy stop breakout method for exceptionally strong stocks.


  3. I noticed that we seem to have similar TV tastes, so I highly recommend putting Showtime’s Weeds on your list. I hadn’t watched it when it first came out but just finished two seasons on dvd. It’s funny as hell and I think you will enjoy watching it.


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