Some Good Readin’

Here's some good stuff I have recently read"The best and worst of the first quarter.What to look for next week. Here's more.Blue Blood and Mutiny book review.Malcolm Gladwell on a topic I have studied extensively over the past two years, race and IQ.More Gladwell on race and IQ.Bill Maher on biofuels and socializing medicine.The amazing... Continue Reading →

Bespoke’s Short Covering Statistics and Market Notes

Read this excellent post from Bespoke showing that the biggest gains yesterday came from stocks with high short interest. This, coupled with the average volume of the rise, leads me to believe we have not bottomed and are still in a bear market. However, we still may have a playable bounce that could be used... Continue Reading →

Eleven Articles that Educated or Entertained Me

Here are eleven articles that either educated or entertained me:Chris Perruna makes the case for the best home-builder stock (Stocks).Organize by urgency vs importance (Time Management).The Sports Guy is always an entertaining read (Sports/Comedy).James Brown being crazy on the news (Entertainment/Comedy).Mark Cuban on Metcalfe's Law (Technology).What Bill Maher did on his summer vacation (Politics/Comedy).Dubya is... Continue Reading →

Links: What I’m Reading

Here is a collection of links I've found noteworthy over the past week or so:Revisiting Jack Tatum's hit on Darryl Stingly.My trading journal.Eight nice looking charts.Dice-K's first start for the Sox was a doozy.Seize the day with sector ETFs.Chart setups for Telecharts.Is it time to go long housing?Why Greg Oden should be the number 1... Continue Reading →

Trading Links

Pay attention to the December Low Indicator.Yo, where's the flow?Is it luck or smarts?Was the bounce short covering?Da Perma Bear is very happy (read all his recent posts).Chillin' after the meltdown.Volatility and some trippy charts.Takeover Targets.Cramer and Altucher discuss short squeeze candidates (video).Cramer says Goldman is a bargain.Respect the art of a bear raid.Fitzpatrick's short... Continue Reading →

Links (Multimedia verson)

This week's linkfest is made up of videos and sound clips, so make sure to have your volume turned up.Trading:Dave Landry market webcasts.Podcast interview of super trader Charles Kirk of with chart pattern pro Thomas Bulkowski.This week in Barrons.Revealing interview with Cramer on market manipulation.AlphaTrends on using MACDLectures, Speeches and Interviews:Richard Dawkins on the... Continue Reading →

Weekend Links

Trading Links:Low risk buy opportunity in SPX.Ed Seykota on trends.Linda Raschke's random thoughts.This week's best of Jim Cramer.I like using moving average crossovers when trading on longer time frames.Test your trading ideas.I like buying pullbacks, especially into multiple support areas.Trading is a game.Psychology Links:Reaching your subconscious mind.Using Zen and the beginner's mind to create beginner's... Continue Reading →

Weekend Links

TradingHow to play Google's bearish engulfing pattern.Spotlight on TELCO's.February's bearish implications.Farley's profile of profitable trading.YAHOO's chart, and more.Indice divergence.What happens after four days of strength?Sports Favre is back for another year.The funniest man writing about sports, Bill Simmons, spends a day on South Beach.Simmons at the Super Bowl's Media Day Gallery.Does Peyton Manning's legacy depend... Continue Reading →

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