The 7 Words You Must Tell Yourself Every Morning

I was once a gambler, but now a trader.I once blew up a 200k account within a matter of weeks. Up until that point, I thought I was a trader. I opened up a trading account during the last stages of the roaring 90s internet boom. For a while things were great. So great that... Continue Reading →

Smart traders profit from the wisdom and delusions of the crowd

Crowds can be wise, but also manic and delusional. An astute trader learns to differentiate between these two extremes.When there is diversity of opinion, the crowd is a force. The parts think independently, but private judgements combine to join as one powerfully wise collective.Unfortunately this intellectual juggernaught will not last forever.At some point diversity gives... Continue Reading →

51 Essential Swing Trading Posts From 2015

This has been an incredible year for both me and this blog. Personally, I hit a major level in my trading accounts, moved my family to San Diego, mentored 14 new students, continued to run the part-time swing trading program over at my former student's industry leading website and started a new significant income stream through day... Continue Reading →

Swing Trading Smart Tips: Set It and Forget It

Tick. Tick. Tick. That stock is driving you bat shit crazy!Your co-workers gawk as you sweat and continually look up at your screen. You can't hide the fact that you are stressed-the-you-know-what-out.Why are you stressed? It's because that stock you entered moved 20 cents below your entry and is now forming a bearish engulfing pattern.Sounds... Continue Reading →

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