When You Have Inside Information And Still Lose Trading Apple

I wish I had a best friend named Billy that worked at Apple. I'd call him up and discreetly ask him in hushed tones: "Yo Billy, what's going on with Apple's earnings?" He'd hang up on me because everybody knows Apple taps employee phones. So I drive over to his house, we turn the speakers... Continue Reading →

The 7 Words You Must Tell Yourself Every Morning

I was once a gambler, but now a trader.I once blew up a 200k account within a matter of weeks. Up until that point, I thought I was a trader. I opened up a trading account during the last stages of the roaring 90s internet boom. For a while things were great. So great that... Continue Reading →

51 Essential Swing Trading Posts From 2015

This has been an incredible year for both me and this blog. Personally, I hit a major level in my trading accounts, moved my family to San Diego, mentored 14 new students, continued to run the part-time swing trading program over at my former student's industry leading website and started a new significant income stream through day... Continue Reading →

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