The part-time trader advantage

You've heard me say it before. One of the biggest trading leaks is micromanaging positions by jumping from trade to trade and never letting your trade work for you.Please retweet if you liked this article! TweetWell part-time traders, I've got great news for you. You have a huge advantage over full-time traders in this area just... Continue Reading →

Part-Time Trading Review

I am frequently asked questions about part-time trading, and received a number of e-mails this weekend. The recent market action has something to do with it. I must admit that I too have been tempted to take a few days off and monitor the markets more closely. I'm glad I did not, as it would... Continue Reading →

Time Saving Tip: Weekly Focus List

As a part-time trader, time management is as vital to success as picking stocks or managing my portfolio. Over the years I have developed tricks to streamline what used to take me up to 4 hours a night, down to about 45 minutes.Over the next week I will share some of these tips. Time Saving... Continue Reading →

Trading Tips for the Part-Time Trader

Like many of you, I trade around my full-time job. Sometimes it feels at though I have two full-time jobs. Trading successfully requires a smart, detailed approach.I wrote a guest post over at Blain Reinkensmeyer's site, detailing five smart tips for the part-time trader. Head on over there and if you have any questions or... Continue Reading →

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