SFK Trade, Partial Exits and Poker

I received a number of similar questions about the SKF and Poker posts:How did you determine your partial profit target for the SKF trade; and when do you decide to use a full exit versus partial exits? I like to use partial exits when major resistance is more than 10 percent from my entry. This... Continue Reading →

Questions and Answers

What books do you recommend?I have read over 100 books on trading and frankly, most have been a waste of time. A few that I have liked include The Market Wizards books by Jack Schwager, Entries and Exits by Alexander Elder, Thomas Bulkowski's chart pattern books, Alan Farley's trading setup book (if you can get... Continue Reading →

Question and Answer

I don't have much to say today, so I'm going to use this post to answer questions from e-mail and comments.What do you think of GTLS as a short?I certainly would not buy right now, but not sure I would short either. While the it printed a big down bar and the bounce has been... Continue Reading →

A Bullish Divergence in AAPL?

Frequent e-mailer and one of my most loyal readers, Hal B., asked about a bullish divergence setup in AAPL. I don't have annotation capabilities from my current locale, so bear with me as I explain the chart.I do see a slight divergence that might be used for an extremely short term play. We measure the... Continue Reading →

Fibs Don’t Work For Me (Q & A Part II)

Continuing the Q & A series of posts:Suresh asks: Do you use Fibonacci retracement levels for your break-out pull back and earning set up trade ? (I remember seeing DCO was at at 38% FR level when you pulled the trigger)Market Speculator answers: While I do trade retracements (pullbacks), I do not use Fibonacci numbers.... Continue Reading →

The Best Indicator is . . .

Way back in November I asked readers to submit questions for a Q & A session. The response was much more than I anticipated, and even after setting time each week to answer questions, I still have not finished answering half of them. So, rather than answer them all in one post, I am going... Continue Reading →

Q & A Session

Taking a que from Charles Kirk, I am going to entertain questions on any topic that is stock, trading psychology, time management, sports or entertainment related. Basically, stuff I've blogged about or that is on your mind. You can send your questions to SinghJD1@aol.com.The best question will receive a free, trading related gift 🙂

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