More on the Overbought Status of Apple

Last night I talked about the "rubber band" short setup for Apple. If the stock heads into the close with the same candle pattern that has emerged this morning, I would expect a pullback based on an early "evening star" candle formation. My testing and experience tells me that this type of candle formation is... Continue Reading →

SPY at a Glance

The doji candle printed Friday, which follows a bounce on low volume with overbought stochastics, leads me to believe we'll see a pullback this week.

SPY Prints Possible Reversal Candle

Believe it or not, although SPY was down almost 4 percent today, technically it was a good day. The index printed a bullish "long tail" candle on massive volume, while the Worden T2108 indicator at extreme oversold levels. Generally, this ia a clear reversal signal, at least short term. The index recovered right after I... Continue Reading →

A Bullish Divergence in AAPL?

Frequent e-mailer and one of my most loyal readers, Hal B., asked about a bullish divergence setup in AAPL. I don't have annotation capabilities from my current locale, so bear with me as I explain the chart.I do see a slight divergence that might be used for an extremely short term play. We measure the... Continue Reading →

Market Notes: Indecision

Talk about your emotional swings. I laughed, I cried, and in the end I am merely content. Both the S & P 500 and the Naz closed up slightly after a wild day that saw both bulls and bears doing the profit dance.Take a look at this chart of the Nasdaq. What jumps out at... Continue Reading →

Chart: LVS

LVS has shown solid accumulation during the uptrend. If today's hammer is confirmed by a close above $130 tomorrow, we could see another leg up.

Chart: APPL

Earlier today, I mentioned that I felt there was a good chance AAPL would hold it's rebound from the lows of the day and print a long tail at the close. Sure enough, the stock closed near it's high and looks ready for another leg higher, assuming we get confirmation tomorrow. If the stock closes... Continue Reading →

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