The Common Sense Approach to Swing Trading Apple: A Measured Move

One of my favorite swing trade setups is the earnings breakout.  I know, we have established that in post after post.  What you guys really want to know is how does The Market Speculator plan to trade Apple! I've got your back fellow swing traders.  Trading Apple, and making a profit from it, is like... Continue Reading →

My AAPL Stop

I've been asked by a few people what my thoughts are on my AAPL short. Of course, I wish I had covered when I had a 5 point gain. I entered short at $176.08 and it is currently at $179. My stop is set at $181.

Chart: APPL

Earlier today, I mentioned that I felt there was a good chance AAPL would hold it's rebound from the lows of the day and print a long tail at the close. Sure enough, the stock closed near it's high and looks ready for another leg higher, assuming we get confirmation tomorrow. If the stock closes... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trade: AAPL and ADM

I bought 200 shares of AAPL at $100.25. I went over the chart on Friday.ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Co.) reports earnings tomorrow. I will likely place a buystop at $39.75-40.10, depending on how the stock looks at the close today. If the stock clears this level (which is an intermediate term high and about a... Continue Reading →

How would you play AAPL

As most of you know (and if you don't, and you are a trader, you are slacking) Apple broke out to knew highs on significant volume after earnings. The question now is, how do we play this brekaout?The stock was over $100 in after hours when it reported Wednesday night, but failed to hold this... Continue Reading →

Trades and Vanity Performance Stats

I sold 1000 shares of QID at an average price of $53.86 (entry at $55.50) for a $1640 loss (-2.9%).I covered 200 shares of AAPL at $92.05 (short at $90.10) for a $395 loss (-2.1%).I covered 500 shares of STLD at $41.08 (short at $39.08) for a $1000 loss (-5.1%).I sold 200 shares of VLO... Continue Reading →

Trades: AAPL and VLO

Today I shorted 200 shares of AAPL at $90.10. Sunday night's post explains the setup.Yesterday I bought 400 shares of VLO at $60.24. I sold 200 shares today at $61.29 for a $210 gain (+1.7%), and am holding on to the remaining 200 shares. I'll post a chart later today. I am looking to buy... Continue Reading →

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