Pattern Recognition: What Traders Get Wrong Wrong Wrong

Pattern recognition is the key to becoming a successful chartist. Through practice and experience the best chartists have seen the same pattern thousands of times. It is all about noticing, but what is it that the chartist must notice?Please retweet if you liked this article!¬† Notice the patterns that give you an edge.Notice the patterns... Continue Reading →

Focus List Stock: AMZN

I currently only have one position (SPY at $84.03). I'm patiently waiting to add positions on a dip to support. One of my favorites is Amazon, which is consolidating after a monster run and breakout. I'm looking to enter on a pullback to the $80-81 range.

Spy Chart

I currently have only one positions (SPY at $84.03). The chart below show looming resistance levels, which correspond with my targets.

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