Apple is a Tough Read

If it were any other stock, I'd take a stab at shorting AAPL right here, right now. Technically, it shows signs of losing steam and is a good "pioneer short trade."We see negative divergences in both RSI and Stochastics. Price is making new highs while the two indicators are not. On top of that, volume... Continue Reading →

Pair Trade: RIMM and AMZN

On Friday I went short AMZN and long RIMM. This is a "pair trade" trade using the folling strategy:1- enter one stock long and one stock short from similar fields.2- the short stock should exhibit a very bearish pattern, while the long stock a very bullish pattern.The idea behind this trade is that if the... Continue Reading →

On Time Frames and Over-Trading

Since joining Twitter, I've had a number of conversations with Trade Report members who also use twitter. I've found a common mistake between twitter users, and that is over-trading and not understanding time frames.Yesterday, a member told me he had entered one of my focus list stocks. I asked him why, since it was not... Continue Reading →

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