MTL Exit

I exited MTL today for an acceptable sized loss. It's not difficult to guess where I exited. My stop was placed just under the 50 day moving average.I've been asked if I now think MTL is a short play, since it has broke below support. I definately will not short at the moment. This is... Continue Reading →

Trade: UA

I sold 400 shares of UA at $69.10 (entry at $63.65) for a $2180 gain (+8.56%).Considering the stock closed at $66.68, I can understand if someone reading this rolls their eyes at what looks to be perfect timing for exit. Please note that I left a comment regarding the exit in the the previous post... Continue Reading →

Trade Review: HOC

Before posting my review of the HOC trade, I'd like to answer a question posed to me after the latest "today's trades" post. The question:You seem to hold on to positions for only a few days even though it may seem as though the position could move higher. why is that?The person who asked this... Continue Reading →

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