Strong Accumulation Pattern in NILE

One of the most important factors I look for in selecting a stock to trade is a stong accumulation pattern. NILE is a good example of a stock under accumulation. Take note of the strong volume on up days versus the low volume down days. This is our first que that the stock is under... Continue Reading →

SGR Lookin’ Like a Dead Cat

Shaw Group Inc. (SGR) is a former high flying stock that seems to have lost its mojo. In July, the stock gapped up after a long uptrend, but could not hold the gap level. It now looks like the gap was an "exhaustion gap", which usually comes at the end of an uptrend and signals... Continue Reading →

Trade: UA

I sold 400 shares of UA at $69.10 (entry at $63.65) for a $2180 gain (+8.56%).Considering the stock closed at $66.68, I can understand if someone reading this rolls their eyes at what looks to be perfect timing for exit. Please note that I left a comment regarding the exit in the the previous post... Continue Reading →

So What if There is Light Volume

Many commentators around the blogosphere have pointed out that recent gains have been on light volume and should not be trusted. Rev Shark, an excellent trader, makes this point on his analysis of yesterday's charts. While I respect this analysis, I could not disagree more. It's a holiday week, people! Of course volume is going... Continue Reading →

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