Need a mentor to make you a profitable trader?

I have been through it all over the past 20+ years of trading (read my story here). Yes, I’ve made all the mistakes and after years of trial, error, and that light bulb moment, figured it out to live my dreams in becoming a full-time professional trader. Now I can help you speed the process and cut out the years of “figuring it out.”

I will show you everything I know, identify your trading mistakes and make you a profitable trader,  privately in a one on one setting using chat, screen share and video. I have mentored dozens of successful traders (testimonials coming soon).

Contact me at for more information and rates (Starts at $2K).  

Can’t afford me as a personal mentor right now? 

While the best thing you can do is supercharge your learning curve and same time and money by investing in yourself, I understand. This site is a labor of love and my way of giving back. 

There is a TON of free content here, on my youtube channeltwitter page and of course

Finally let me know how I can help you. Go ahead and email me anytime with your questions, comments or just let me know how you are doing!

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