On Trading Bear Markets

Bear and Corrective Markets A bear market is tough to trade if you don't understand the fundamental trading adaptations that must be made to trade it effectively. Shorting in bear markets ain't easy or for the faint of ┬áheart. However, if you know what to look for and are patient and strategic, they will lead... Continue Reading →

The Road to Swing Trading Mastery

Over at bullsonwallstreet.com. where I run the swing trading service, I have been running the "30 days to mastering swing trading" challenge. I sought to get traders *actively* involved in learning, rather than just mindlessly reading through articles on trading. Each day I go over an important concept, then review it in a detailed video,... Continue Reading →

Would You Let Your Mom Make That Trade

When you place a bad trade, you are only accountable to yourself. People can't punish themselves effectively. Sure you can get mad at yourself, call yourself an idiot, but then you move on. Usually, you'll make that same mistake again. Now imagine instead of you making that trade, it's your mom. Mom is going to... Continue Reading →

How To Become An Expert Trader

Today I was working with a trader who became frustrated with my method of mentorship. You see, the lesson just wan't complicated enough for her. Huh? Yeah, I know. That seems counter-intuitive. We should want easy, but in fact most humans don't feel comfortable unless it's complicated. We feel like we need to be doing... Continue Reading →

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