Why did you enter the trade?

It’s the first thing ask when I review a trader’s trades.

Why did you enter the trade?

It’s a simple question that only takes one sentence. Something like, “the market is in an uptrend and the stock made a breakout-pullback setup that offers 3:1 risk-reward.”

This is not the type of answer most people give me.

Most answers do not define the setup or risk. There’s a lot on feelings, thoughts and predictions of where the stock will go.

The thing is: we are not making predictions. Moreover, we definitely are not trading based on feelings.

We re making trades off expectancy.

Expectancy that is based off repeated patterns that work, and adding a mathematical risk formula that is practically fool proof.

So before every trade, ask yourself why you are taking the trade. Then make sure your answer defines your setup and risk.

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