Trades: GMCR and AAPL

I exited the AAPL short today at $183 for a nice gain. Stock is nearing support. If support breaks, I may re-enter.This morning I entered GMCR SHORT based on the breakdown-pullback setup. Stop is above the moving average.

Short Setup: FUQI

I pointed to FUQI as a short when it was around $30. I took the trade, which would have been successful had I used a wider stop. It's now broke down below the 50 day moving average and is showing distribution in the volume pattern. I will short on a pullback to the moving average,... Continue Reading →

The X Short Trade

On Friday I pointed to the X short setup, if X was to pullback to the 50 day moving average. We got that yesterday. As noted to Trade Report members yesterday, I took the short entry, with a stop just above the moving average.This is a variation of the breakdown-pullback short setup.

CPLA Short Setup

CPLA is showing a classic breakdown-pullback setup. The stock broke down below teh 50 day moving average with strong price bears, and now is in the midst of an orderly pullback to resistance.

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