5 Steps That Will Save Time and Create the Perfect Swing Trading Watchlist

Every trader knows time is moneyBeginning swing traders make trading way too complicated. The beauty of swing trading is that once you know what you are doing, it does not take much time to trade like a pro. This is why swing trading is great for part-time trading.If you are spending more than an hour... Continue Reading →

Focus List Stock: AMZN

I currently only have one position (SPY at $84.03). I'm patiently waiting to add positions on a dip to support. One of my favorites is Amazon, which is consolidating after a monster run and breakout. I'm looking to enter on a pullback to the $80-81 range.

The Focus List

Here are a bunch of stocks that are front and center on the focus list:Bullish: ACI, MA, ESV, RDC, EWZ, SOLF, INFY (46), SOL, JOYG (80), EXM, FWLT, FLR (181), BZP, ILMN (bo 80), CAT (81), CAN, ZOLT, ZUMZ, BTU, RL, RIMM, CF, CLF, MTL, LUFKBearish: URBN, RHI, GME, MCRS, LNN, JPM, MS, LEHNote: Just... Continue Reading →

Time Saving Tip: Weekly Focus List

As a part-time trader, time management is as vital to success as picking stocks or managing my portfolio. Over the years I have developed tricks to streamline what used to take me up to 4 hours a night, down to about 45 minutes.Over the next week I will share some of these tips. Time Saving... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Focus List

Here are 12 stocks I'll have my eye on this week. Many of the bullish stocks seem to be bouncing at support. I am looking for weak bounces to enter short the bearish stocks.Bearish Watchlist:Bullish Watchlist:

Stocks to Watch

Here are a few stocks that I am monitoring.breakouts: MICC, CPO, breakdowns: DST, MDP, NFLX, BJS, Bullish: DOX, JOYG, TSL, NKE, STLD, GTLS, Bearish:CRS, MNST, USM, NVDA, UA, HMSY, MBT

Focus List

The stocks in my focus list for the next few days all have broken out and I'm looking for pullbacks for entry.RRC, SID, ANR, RDC, FDG, MTL, STLD, GTLS, KSU, NFLX, RSX.Not much has changed in the short watchlist.11:30 am (central) update--I have taken positions in a few of the focus list stocks. More details... Continue Reading →

Focus List

Today's Focus List:Long: TSL (bottoming), KSU (38), UCR (31), bke (44), DVN (105), ANR, KEXShorts: MON, BG, MR, SU, KGC, DRYS,

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