2 Smart Tips to Enter Pullbacks in Parobolic Breakout Stocks

Often with explosive stocks and leveraged sector ETFs like NUGT, pullbacks off parabolic breakouts can be volatile, and difficult to enter.  So just how do we figure out our entry level?There are two ways to do it.  The safe route is to wait for a confirmation move.  For instance, a positive candle pattern.  The riskier... Continue Reading →

2 Low Risk Real Estate Short Entries

If looking to get short on the current or future bounce, SRS offers two low risk and easily managed entries.The leveraged real estate ETF is currently right at moving average support. An entry here with a tight stop under the moving average provides low risk If the top is placed at $64 and the target... Continue Reading →

Trade Entry: TRA

I bought 500 shares of TRA at $53.12.Setup: A combo platter of a breakout and trend-pullback and entering within a forming high and tight flag. I expect a continuation of the trend. Great volume pattern and RSI and stochastics confirm price highs. The stock is under accumulated here.Risk: My intial target is the recent high... Continue Reading →

PCX: High Risk and High Reward

PCX has been the killer momo play for 2008. The stock has more than tripled, and has been relentless since breaking out in April, going from $50 to $150 in about two months. When I say relentless, I mean relentless. In that span, there was not even one high volume selloff. The few down days... Continue Reading →

Don’t Overpay for POT

Ag related stocks are finally starting to pullback. Those of us who missed the recent run (I raise my hand in shame) are starting to get itchy trigger fingers. Rest assured, I've got my gun set on safety.Take a look at Potash. Even with the 10 point pullback from all time highs, the stock is... Continue Reading →

BEXP: Late Entry Post

I entered BEXP yesterday at the close as it showed that it would help support. This is a late post, so I won't include it if and when I get around to updating my trading results.

Today’s Entry: CSX, DZZ and MTL

I bought 100 shares of MTL at $143.46. The strong broke out over $140 yesterday on strong volume. It's one of the strongest stocks in a strong sector showing loads of accumulation. I may be a bit early on entry (I usually don't enter at overbought stochastic levels), as the stock could pullback to $140.... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trade: FWLT

I am short 400 shares of FWLT at $62. The setup: Broken momentum stock rising up to and stalling at resistance in a loose bear flag. Poor OBV and volume pattern, with stochastics showing an overbought sell signal. I used a "sell short limit order" to place the trade. This type of order is great... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trade: PCLN

I bought 50 shares of PCLN at $121.30. I like the chart, but it was tough finding a good entry. We've got support at old resistance, which is $120. However, many strong breakouts pullback to the bottom of the breakout candle. If that were to happen, the stock could pullback to $110 and still be... Continue Reading →

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