Chart of the day: HD

Today's swing trade stock chart of the day is HD (Home Depot). In the Trade Report we have been watching residential real estate stocks for a few weeks now and of course, building material and home improvement stocks move in line with real estate.Subscribe to The Market Speculator by EmailHome Depot broke out on strong... Continue Reading →

Chart of the day: MNST

MNST broke out on heavy volume a few weeks ago and has been forming a nice post breakout base ever since. This consolidation sets it up for a leg higher and a "trading the post breakout range" setup. Look to enter either 1) on pullback to bottom of the range or 2) breakout of the... Continue Reading →

Chart of the day: VA

One of my favorite swing trade setups is the breakout-pullback setup.  Recent IPO Virgin America broke out over it's 5 week range and has now pulled back to the old high.  This high converges with the new 20 day moving average, offering two levels of support.  Entry in the $38-40 range, with a stop under that... Continue Reading →

Chart of the Day: SIG

One of my favorite swing trade setups is the breakout-pullback setup.  While the market has pulled back, retail jeweler $SIG has held up well, pulling back to the key 50 dma level.  An entry here with a stop under the 50 dma and target near recent highs around $133 offers a nice 3:1 reward to... Continue Reading →

Breakout-Pullback: VMW

I entered VMW yesterday on a breakout-pullback setup. Note that stochastics are now oversold and price has moved back to the bottom of the breakout bar on declining volume.

Recent Trade: GMCR

Yesterday I entered GMCR off a breakout-pullback setup at $93.44. Stop is under support and the target is the recent high around $98. This gives me a 3:1 reward to risk ratio.

Today’s Entry: DIG

I entered DIG today. The stock has broke out over a W formation and the 50 day moving average. Another positive is the positive RSI divergence.An entry here around $34.80, with a stop at $33.80 (under suppport) and target at the old high around $38 offers a nice 3:1 reward to risk ratio.The stock is... Continue Reading →

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