Bad Information Leads To Bad Trades

Most of the trading content you read on social media is garbage. Sure some blogs are good, but most are bad. Yes some tweets are mind-bending, but most are worthless. You know this and have an inkling of what is good and what is garbage. The problem is it all goes in your head, stays... Continue Reading →

The Shocking Way That Winning Trades Blow Up Trading Accounts

You may have just crushed it with your biggest winning trade of the year, but you still do not know how to trade.That rush your feeling means it was a bad trade. ¬†Good trades are not exciting. If this trade was your biggest win of the year, you probably committed a cardinal trading sin.A few... Continue Reading →

It’s the small wins that hurt

This is what holds many traders back.The small wins.Yet we love to take those small wins, and avoid small meaningless losses like the plague.We are afraid of losses. It doesn't matter it it is big or small, that L is scary.It's all about the fear of the loss.Here is the rub: the fear of the... Continue Reading →

Subtract Your Way To Trading Success

Swing Trading MasterSo you know about swing trading breakouts . . . fantastic. You can make a lot of money trading those.So you know about stochastics . . . that's great. Extreme conditions lead to extreme profits.So you trading using Fibonacci retracements . . . awesome. I know a guy who makes a killing off... Continue Reading →

Define yourself as a trader

We can choose to define ourselves as traders by the trades we take.This is not about the money we make.Rather it's the place within the setup that we enter.Do you require more confirmation, content to give up some gain in exchange for safety?Or do you jump in early, aggressively jumping in pre-breakout in order to... Continue Reading →

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