How to trade the news with this top secret foolproof plan

Looking back, Brexit was a big deal. Definitely the biggest deal since the banks collapsed in 2008. Think about it. The 5th largest economy in the world left the European Union. What the heck is Google, Amazon and Netflix going to do now?

The stock market guru’s over on CNBC told us to pull our money out of the market right now. It’s going to be financial armageddon.

Now that it is two weeks after Brexit let’s take score of just how far we have tanked.

The S&P 500 is down a whopping . . .er . . .what . . .wait a minute. This can’t be right. TC2000 tells me the market closed higher than it’s pre-Brexit level. This must be a malfunction in the software. Let’s head on over to and get the right data. Nope, not working either. Let’s head on over to . . . .

Ten more sites confirm that the market closed higher than it’s pre-Brexit levels.

The sky is not falling.

This does not make sense. I read all the headlines, attended global economic seminar and a book on the European Union. This news was supposed to make the market tank!

Where did I go wrong, and what is the lesson from all this?

Okay, here it is (I am giving this to you for FREE).

A foolproof plan to effectively trade the news.

Wait for it . . .

Follow the price action to the news, and not the media/pundit overreaction to it.

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