Market Speculator Weekend Review

Me, Myself and BullsonWallStreet
While the market consolidated for the 12th straight day by week’s end, I took profits in 3 swing trade positions (LABU, AMBA, EXAS) and entered EXAS, FCX and UGLD. That’s active for such a tight ranging week. Holdovers ERX and TWLO continue to churn. See Full Results (2016 +45%)

Over on the BOW blog, a review of the $LABU trade and the $4800 Gold trade.

Enlightening article in the Huffington Post about BOW and Kunal’s development as a trader, “Entourage” lifestyle, hard work and our mentoring/trading relationship.

Day trades
Very active intraday trading week, as earnings season gives us plenty of gapper opportunities. My favorite trade was this $FCX pre-market trade.

The one handed concert pianist will make you feel like you aren’t doing enough!

I could have watched John Oliver and Jerry Seinfeld talk and make comedy for hours.

As Ichiro approached his milestone 3,000th hit, ESPN’s feature highlights his pursuit of mastery though habits and routine that easily apply to trading.

I expect a market breakout or breakdown this week, and have potential trades for either eventuality.

I am teaching two bootcamp classes at BOW this week. If you are a member, don’t miss it. Last bootcamp was a big hit.

Expect more posts on BOW’s blog and don’t forget to sign up for the Free Weekly Swing Report.

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