The Shocking Way That Winning Trades Blow Up Trading Accounts

You may have just crushed it with your biggest winning trade of the year, but you still do not know how to trade.That rush your feeling means it was a bad trade.  Good trades are not exciting. If this trade was your biggest win of the year, you probably committed a cardinal trading sin.A few... Continue Reading →

How to Embrace Your Fear in Trading: The Trading Intelligentsia Has it Wrong

Most trader's and coaches think of emotion as if it is trading kryptonite. The worst of these emotions is thought to be fear.If you Google "fear" and "trading" you will see a host of "how to overcome fear in trading" articles. No disrespect to those authors, but they are worthless. Don't read them. Every one... Continue Reading →

Chart of the Day: How to Trade VIX

At the first sign of a market sell off or correction, my eyes leave my well developed focus list and turn to the CBOE Volatility Index, otherwise known as VIX. During market selloffs, it is crucial that you learn how to trade VIX.Why do I love trading the VIX during sharp selloffs and corrections?  Please... Continue Reading →

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