Chart of the Day: Facebook and the Round Number Breakout

Today's chart of the day is Facebook, which despite a tepid earnings reaction this quarter is showing strong relative strength versus the market and looks to make a run to $100.Keep an eye on this $100 level, which also is near the all-time high breakout level. Entry can be made on breakout or early in... Continue Reading →

Chart of the day: PYPL

Today's chart of the day is a recent IPO that almost all of us use for online purchases, Paypal.PYPL has formed a few key levels that we can now trade off. First are the IPO lows and highs, which form an 8 point range between $34 and $42. Watch for either a pullback to the... Continue Reading →

Stock Chart of the Day: ZU

Trade Report focus list stock ZU broke out of a post moving average remount breakout range on strong volume. This stock has been showing signs of accumulation even before remounting the moving average. This underlying volume support should help propel the stock to recent highs around $42.  I will look for a good entry on... Continue Reading →

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