You must adapt to changing stock market conditions and how I almost killed my swing trading career

An underrated but critical attribute of successful swing traders is the ability to adapt to market conditions.  In the trading game, nothing lasts forever.  The stock market is an organic beast that constantly changes conditions, and those that can keep up with the changes win. Markets trend, markets chop, markets dip and dive with parabolic... Continue Reading →

Strategic Flexibility is a Key to Trading Success

Your strategy has to be flexible enough to change when the environment changes. The mistake most people make is they keep the same strategy all the time. They say, “Damn, the market didn’t behave the way I thought it would.” Why should it? Life and the markets just don’twork that way.-Mark WeinsteinWith the third quarter... Continue Reading →

Quality, Trading and Bruce Lee

My dad used to tell me never to do anything "half-assed." Bruce Lee put it more eloquently:I have found, after much soul searching, that deep down what I honestly value more than anything else is quality; doing one's best in the manner of the responsibility and craftsmanship of a number one.The reason I bring up... Continue Reading →

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