Trade: Partial Profits in MOS

I took partial profits in MOS today, selling half my shares at $43.10 (+10.2%). As noted in a Trade Alert sent to my subscribers, my entry was at $39.10. I have moved my stop up and will let the rest "ride". This is now a "free trade". I've locked in my profit with the possibility... Continue Reading →

SFK Trade, Partial Exits and Poker

I received a number of similar questions about the SKF and Poker posts:How did you determine your partial profit target for the SKF trade; and when do you decide to use a full exit versus partial exits? I like to use partial exits when major resistance is more than 10 percent from my entry. This... Continue Reading →

Why I like to take partial profits

X is a good example of why I like taking partial profits. I would have been inclined to take full profits when I had a decent gain. Instead, I took partial profits, moved my stop up to break even, and now am reaping the benefits of today's huge breakout.Note: I took small positions in a... Continue Reading →

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