NFLX Trade

I entered NFLX today at $186.11. Here is what I wrote to trade report members:My watchlist is rather small right now and there aren't any good entries, so I'm going to take this opportunity to analyze a focus list stock that is not an easy sell as a long or short right now, NFLX.NFLX has... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trades: AAPL, DZZ, RIMM, SPY

Here are charts of the trades I made today. Note that I consider the shorts are early "speculative" trades until there is a confirmation candle.SPY (short)--hitting the bottom of the $118-120 resistance range. Stochastic overbought at 89. Will add more close to $120.RIMM (long)--breaking ot of triangle after remounting 50 day moving average.Gold (short via... Continue Reading →

Breakout-Pullback: VMW

I entered VMW yesterday on a breakout-pullback setup. Note that stochastics are now oversold and price has moved back to the bottom of the breakout bar on declining volume.

Trade: BA

I entered BA today post breakout from a triangle pattern. The stock seems to be forming a Tight Flag post breakout.I am also short IOC, SPY and RL

Today’s Entry: STP

I entered STP today on weakness. The stock has shown strong strength in relation to the market, and shows a strong volulme pattern on the recent move up. My target is the September high.

Breakout-Pullback: MSTR

MSTR has formed a classic breakout-pullback setup. The stock recently broke out on huge volume, and since has consolidated in an orderly fashion. I entered this trade around $84, which I posted in the Trade Report last week. My intitial target is $90, where I would take a partial profit. At that point I would... Continue Reading →

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