X: Low Risk Setup

X provides a low risk setup as it pulls back to the 50 day moving average. If the market tanks, X will go down with it, but losses are easily managed at this level.

Buy the Dip

I'd suggest most traders continue to stay on the sidelines. If trading, my preference right now is short term long plays. Homebuilders and airlines look good, but only on pullbacks.

Can We Buy CNX’s Pullback?

Ronald wants to know if I consider the 3.7% drop in CNX, a stock I highlighted earlier in the week, a buyable pullback. While I would not buy just yet, the stock is still technically sound. Support has not broke and volume on today's decline was within the stocks normal range. OBV still looks good.... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trade: AEM

I bought 300 shares of AEM at $46.85. I've been waiting for a pullback to support in gold and it looks like we've finally got one. Stochastics have reached extremely oversold levels and obv has dipped to a support level on low volume.There are a few reasons to be skeptical about this trade. It's always... Continue Reading →

Trade: MMM

Later in the day I bought 400 shares of MMM at $88.75.The stock shows no signs of the recent market slide. I know some of you are scratching your heads thinking "it's dropped from $92 to $88." I see that too, and I like it. While many stocks pulled back quickly on heavy volume, 3M... Continue Reading →

Trades: FTO, VLO and CMG

Three trades based on confirmation moves after pullbacks to support. All three positons came from my "primary 100 watchlist". CMG was on the top 25 low floats posted yesterday.I bought 500 shares of FTO at $46.05. Nice high volume confirmation move at support.I bought 300 shares of CMG at $87.10. Another confirmation move after a... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trades: OII, HEI and MT

Today I took positions in three of the six stocks that I posted on my primary watchlist last night. All three are pullback plays in trending stocks. Due to the current nature of the market, I cut my normal position size in half for these trades.I bought 250 shares of OII at $51.14. I bought... Continue Reading →

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