Today’s Trades: SGR, OII, BHP, JASO, EDU

I am using today’s dip to buy stocks from strong sectors nearing support. I made the following trades:

300 shares of SGR at $68.00. This is an infrastructure and post earnings suprise play.

300 shares of OII at $78.50. I’ve been waiting for this energy stocks to pullback near 20 day moving average support.

200 shares of BHP at $82.70. I bought this one at the 10 day moving average, which hs provided support for this high flying energy/metals/coal play since mid August.

300 shares of JASO at $49.10. It’s a high flying chinese solar stock. Need I say more?

200 shares of EDU at $73.10. Education stocks have been on fire for quite some time (see also CPLA). The stock surprised on earnings yesterday and I bought today on pullback near the earnings breakout point.


3 thoughts on “Today’s Trades: SGR, OII, BHP, JASO, EDU

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  1. To The Market Speculator and other faithful readers:How many time frames with what averages do you find best for your style when at your trading station? I for example, look at 3 screens a 1, 90, 200 day. All 3 have a 20,50,200 Day SMA with one 50 EMA.


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