Sector Watch: Coal

Coal is currently one of my favorite sectors for long trades. Among coal stocks, PCX has one of my favorite patterns. Entry at the bottom of the bullish flag consolidation range is ideal.

What’s Worked Over Two Different Time Frames

Below are two sector lists. The first is the best performing over the past year, while the latter lists them over the past month. The sectors that show up on both lists are the ones I am most interested in right now, since it seems to be where most feel safe parking their money during... Continue Reading →

Sectors Nearest New Highs

Here is a list of sectors ranked according to "percent of 52 week high".Most sectors on this list will come as no surprise. However, "regional southwest banks" threw me for a loop. I dug deeper and looked at individual stocks and did not find one that I'd put on my watchlist. Some had decent price... Continue Reading →

Time to Reload Shorts?

Some beaten sectors have retraced to levels that make for attractive short entries. High on my list is education services.As for individual stocks, my watchlist includes CPLA, APOL, DV, EDU, LTRE and CECO.

The Ag Gap

I sure am glad I decided to wait for more of a bounce to short ag. Geez. All of the ag stocks are making big moves based on this headline, "Monsanto ups profit view on corn, herbicide strength," and a few other headlines. I'm going to take a step back and just watch ag this... Continue Reading →

Quick Thought: The Commodity Bounce

Many broken commodity plays, like the ag sector, have made big bounces today (as of 11:35 AM ET). Keep an eye on volume. One of two things is going to happen:1. A low volume bounce which will be a "dead cat" signal. If this happens I will intitiate shorts in stocks like MON and TRA.2.... Continue Reading →

Sector Review

Here are the top performing sectors last week. There isn't much that has me excited here. Most of them were bounces from some of the worst industries over the past few months, like mortgage, cement and building materials. One sector I do like is Ag Chemicals.

Sector Review

This was not a great week for the market. We still don't know if the character of this bull market has changed or it was just a natural correction. Either way, after a negative week, it pays to make note of what is working.During a week where every major index was significantly down, lead by... Continue Reading →

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