Quick Thought: The Commodity Bounce

Many broken commodity plays, like the ag sector, have made big bounces today (as of 11:35 AM ET). Keep an eye on volume. One of two things is going to happen:1. A low volume bounce which will be a "dead cat" signal. If this happens I will intitiate shorts in stocks like MON and TRA.2.... Continue Reading →

Market Notes: Are We Oversold?

I am still finding this market tough to trade. I have no problem trading in bear markets, but my issue right now is that we are oversold, but not that oversold. So it's tough to initiate longs or shorts. If I do decide to trade, it will most likely be with an even distribution of... Continue Reading →

Was The Market Reacting To Greenspan?

If yesterday's dip truly was a reaction to Greenspan's China comments, rather than a more natural need for a correction, I think we are going to see the garden variety one day big dip I spoke of last night, followed by a resumption of the prevailing trend. Barry Ritholtz lays out out quite nicely in... Continue Reading →

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