Stop gunning: The most frustrating aspect of swing trading

Here is a note I sent Trade Report members a few days ago related to "stop gunning". I have received a few questions about TWTR this morning.  Some of you set your stops around $45.70-90 and were stopped out.In today's morning report I mentioned setting it around $45.50.  It got down to $45.57.  I have a... Continue Reading →

RIMM Breakout and Pair Trade

Thus far the "pair trade" I outlined yesterday and entered on Friday is a success, as RIMM broke out in a big way today and AMZN (short) hangs out under the "failed breakout" resistance level.I took a partial profit in RIMM today and moved my stop up to entry level to lock in gains.

Position Update and Lesson Learned

I am still holding my SSO position. I bought at $59.96 and it closed at $59.66. Although today did suck, remember that the lows in the S&P still have not been pierced. I am still playing the bounce until my tight stop is hit. I am still holding PBR as well. The stock is sitting... Continue Reading →

MTL Exit

I exited MTL today for an acceptable sized loss. It's not difficult to guess where I exited. My stop was placed just under the 50 day moving average.I've been asked if I now think MTL is a short play, since it has broke below support. I definately will not short at the moment. This is... Continue Reading →

EOG . . .WOW!

I had much confidence in the EOG trade, but even I didn't expect the move to happen just hours after I entered. I took partial profits at my $127 target, exiting 100 shares for a $846 gain (+7.1%). I've moved my stop up to the entry point for the remaining 100 shares in order to... Continue Reading →

Ain’t No Glass Chin Here

I'm taking it on the chin today. Not only from the market, but readers as well. It's comforting to know that I can bring so much joy to so many of you. It seems some of you derive a lot of pleasure from my pain. I guess that comes with the territory, especially with the... Continue Reading →

Update on My Emotions: Arghhhh!

Arghhhh! While I made some spendid gains today, I can't seem to forgive myself for cutting ties with UA, SII and SWHC yesterday. Instead of taking small losses, I would have have made a little over $2000.That's what I get for not adhering to my stops. All of you loyal readers have permission to call... Continue Reading →

Trade: HDNG

I bought 500 shares of HDNG at $38.25. It's a low float stock that showed up on my "trend pullback scan" last week, which placed it at the top of my primary watchlist. The stock printed a tail at support on Friday with a strong close, so I placed a mental buy stop today above... Continue Reading →

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