Trade: HDNG

I bought 500 shares of HDNG at $38.25. It’s a low float stock that showed up on my “trend pullback scan” last week, which placed it at the top of my primary watchlist. The stock printed a tail at support on Friday with a strong close, so I placed a mental buy stop today above the close. My stop will be placed at around $37, with an intial target at $40. I will likely take partial profits at the initial target and let the rest ride in hopes of a breakout to new highs, with a new stop at the purchase price..

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  1. sorry you now have 4 out of 4 stop outs. This is the kind of day were you hate investing in this crazy market. My theory to your stop outs is the market has set up a wild swing in both directions and is moving in an incorrect manner cuasing many false signals. the only stock that you entered correctly was cmg the other were false signals becuase of the way they opened.


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