Chart of the day is EA: Keep it simple stupid!

Sometimes swing trading is easier than we make it. In the trading game it literally pays to keep it simple.Our stock of the day, EA is a great example of the KISS method. When do you buy EA?That's easy. When it pulls back to the 50 dma or when stochastics near oversold levels. It's a... Continue Reading →

Chart: OII

Oceaneering Internat (OII) has consistently been a buy on pullbacks to the 20 day moving average. This is a "keep it simple, stupid" trade, which is why I did not add any indicators to this chart. Why complicate maters? I will likely enter on a low volume pullback to the moving average.

Today’s Trade: EWZ

I took a small nible in EWZ at the close yesterday, with a 300 share position $60.35. I've placed a mental stop just under $60, with an initial target at the recent all time high, around $63. I'll look to add more if it can break into new high territory.If you look at the trend... Continue Reading →

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