GLD Entry and Trade Report

In the Monday morning edition of the Trade Report, I mentioned that I was bullish on the gold sector and was waiting for a pullback. A few readers wanted to know at what levels I would consider entering.Let's take a look at the GLD chart. When looking for support and resistance levels, I want them... Continue Reading →

6 Stock to Buy on a Dip

The market is now in extremely overbought territory, which is why I actually deployed a short today (DHI- a housing stock at the top of it's downward trend channel). It's seems like ages since I've shorted a stock, and believe it or not, I love shorting!Along with my primary long watchlist, which consists of weaker... Continue Reading →

20 Stocks to Buy on the Dip

The following 20 stocks are at the top of this week's watchlist. I plan to remain patient and only buy on dips close to support levels.JASO, LULU, DRYS, NILE, CF, FSLR, FCX, EXM, BHP, CMI, AGU, SINA, CTRP, PCU, EWZ, FDG, SID, LIFC, FLR AND CPHD.

Gotta Love the Dip

Today's dip was exactly the type of day a pullback trader loves. It's been tough the past few days having to chase stocks. We needed a light volume pullback, and that's exactly what we got. It's a good time to start thinking about entering some small probing positions on momentum stocks that pulled back on... Continue Reading →

Trades: EWZ and JOYG

I am posting yesterday's trades a day late due to computer problems.I bought 500 shares of JOYG at 62.04. As I noted on Monday, I was looking for a breakout with better than average volume above $62.I bought 500 shares of EWZ at $64.25. For quite some time, EWZ has been the perfect "buy the... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trade: EWZ

I took a small nible in EWZ at the close yesterday, with a 300 share position $60.35. I've placed a mental stop just under $60, with an initial target at the recent all time high, around $63. I'll look to add more if it can break into new high territory.If you look at the trend... Continue Reading →

Can You Say "Buy the Dip"

This charts of the Dow makes it painfully obvious that, over the past six months, dips reaching the mid bollinger band (the 20 day moving average) are to be bought. I will probably become very aggressive once we pullback again, possibly using a leveraged ETF such as DDM.

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