Trade Entry: ACI (short)

I am short ACI at $28.05 based on the extreme overbought readings in stochastic, along with extended price action. This coal setup was featured in the Trade Report last night, for short on strength at the open.

FCX and PCU: Great Long and Short Setups

PCU and FCX are on fire. Technically, they look great on a pullback to support for long entry. However, they are very extended. Take a look at the distance from the 50 day moving average. I think we are due for a snap back. I will likely short on more strength.

Speculative GOOG Short

While GOOG is on the bullish focus list and I am high on the setup on pullback, it is very overbought. The two period RSI is off the charts extreme. I took a small speculative short position. My stop is at $526. Target is $510. This gives me 2:1 risk ratio.Keep in mind that GOOG's... Continue Reading →

Low Risk AMZN Short

AMZN has been a great "extremes" trade (stochastics 90+ and extended price) for the past few months, both as a long and short. The stock is again extended, and offers a low risk short opportunity. Entry here with a tight stop offers a favorable a reward to risk ratio. Allow only for a small loss... Continue Reading →

My Current Postion: AAPL Short

Last week I posted about APPL showing signs of pulling back, but still being a tough read. As Report members know, I decided to short on the once it made a thrust to $170. Overbought conditions, distance from the 50 day moving average and a negative divergence in RSI made it a decent counter trend... Continue Reading →

Is This Breakout Sustainable?

The market and leading stocks are breaking out after a short consolidation period and overbought readings that are still extreme. Due to the extreme overbought readings, I'm taking a few "speculative" shorts. However, they are done with caution and small positions size.The idea behind these trades is to expect a small loss. If the trade... Continue Reading →

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