Definite Change in Market Character

Today marked a change in character for the market. SPY has now convincingly mounted the 50 day moving average, the volume pattern shows accumulation, RSI is steady above 50 and the price bar is of the "breakout" variety. I'll be looking for a pullback to initiate longs.

Trade: GLD

As noted in yesterday's Trade Report, I went short GLD @90. My stop is around $93 with an initial target in the $84-86 range. The chart I posted Sunday night details the strategy for this trade. GLD has provided an excellent reversal trade the last 11 times stochastics have hit extreme levels.

SPY Prints Possible Reversal Candle

Believe it or not, although SPY was down almost 4 percent today, technically it was a good day. The index printed a bullish "long tail" candle on massive volume, while the Worden T2108 indicator at extreme oversold levels. Generally, this ia a clear reversal signal, at least short term. The index recovered right after I... Continue Reading →

Homebuilders are Hard to Ignore

It's tough to ignore the strong move in residential construction, aka, homebuilders. While my head tells me to stay away, the charts tell me otherwise. For months I have been using bounces in the sector to reload shorts, but not this time. There is something different about this bounce. Take a look at the chart... Continue Reading →

Mastercard’s Bullish Reversal

MA (Mastercard) has been on my bearish short watchlist every since it broke down below the 50 day moving average on heavy volume. However, the stock's technical pattern made a 180 degree reversal in one day, with today's 28 point gain that easily put it back over the moving average and close to making a... Continue Reading →

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