Chart of the day: CALA

CALA is a biotech stock that has shown some buying interest while in the midst of a down trend. The recent volume surge has the stock over it's 50 dma, which could start a remount and give it the momentum it needs to make a short term run. This is a speculative setup.  Please retweet if you... Continue Reading →

Speculative GOOG Short

While GOOG is on the bullish focus list and I am high on the setup on pullback, it is very overbought. The two period RSI is off the charts extreme. I took a small speculative short position. My stop is at $526. Target is $510. This gives me 2:1 risk ratio.Keep in mind that GOOG's... Continue Reading →

Trade: DXO (Leveraged Oil ETF)

I entered 600 shares of DXO at $2.65. This is a new, leveraged oil ETF. Price is near lows (support), stochastic is oversold and RSI shows a positive divergence. I consider this somewhat of a speculative trade with limited risk.

Trades: POT and CAT

I am short 100 shares of POT at $208.77. This trade is similar to the failed trade I made in HAL. Basically, I set a short-limit order to go short at $208 this morning. The idea is the stock is so extended that a strong open would likely pull back. Considering the market is also... Continue Reading →

Trade: LEH

I bought 250 shares of LEH at $82.64. This is a speculative play along the lines of the AKAM trade. My target is the recent highs at $86, and my stop will be placed just under the 50 day moving average, around $80. The brokers have been strong over the past few months with dips... Continue Reading →

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