Trade: DXO (Leveraged Oil ETF)

I entered 600 shares of DXO at $2.65. This is a new, leveraged oil ETF. Price is near lows (support), stochastic is oversold and RSI shows a positive divergence. I consider this somewhat of a speculative trade with limited risk.

5 Profitable Energy Charts

Here are 5 interesting energy stocks. I've included longer term charts. Each has a slightly different pattern and can be played in multiple ways. RIG (Transocean, Inc.) is looking good right now. We've got a support converging at both the breakout point and the 50 day moving average. My only concern is there doesn't look... Continue Reading →

Boone Pickens on Oil

No surprise here, oil tycoon Boone Pickens is an oil bull. According to Mr. Pickens, we are not near a top, although there could be a short term correction. I'm looking to buy on a pullback to the mid 70 range.MT TradeBuilding a Better Watchlist

Today’s Trades: CAL and USO

I re-entered a 500 share short position in CAL at $41.60. This is an aggressive play, as the stock has not yet broke the forming head and shoulders pattern.I also bought 500 shares of USO at $46.80. My target is $50, which is just under the 50 day moving average. The MACD and RSI look... Continue Reading →

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