I entered four positions today, 3 shorts and one long. My market bias has turned bearish with recent distribution (price down stong oh high volume) on SPY.WYNN is showing signs of topping, though it is stronger than the market. Recent volatility and stronger volume to the down side make this an attractive "anticipatory short" with... Continue Reading →

Oversold Bounce Setup: GLD

My recent GLD entry was based on the oversold bounce setup. I only took a 1/3 position today, and will add to it if GLD nears the 50 day moving average, which would offer me a better risk ratio.

Trade: SDS

I entered SDS today. It is extremely oversold and RSI shows a positive divergence. The last 3 similar states have lead to decent, tradeable bounces.

Speculative Entry: SRS

I took a small positions in SRS today. It is very oversold (meaning real estate is overbought) and, if history is a guide, should bounce soon. I am using a tight stop with a target near the moving average.

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