Essential Steps for Shorting SPY and The Stock Market

Shorting the stock market is never easy.  However, the market often gives us clues that increase the probability of a successful trade.  Two weeks ago we talked about those clues.How to identify a market short signalSince then the market made an attempt at remounting the 50 day moving average.  If SPY had held those levels,... Continue Reading →

SPY Trade Analysis

Last Monday (August 12th) I took a small SPY short position based on a "failed breakout" scenario, above $131 (I actually used SDS--the inverse ETF). It's now trading at $126.69. Below is what I wrote to my trade report members. It explains not only the setup, but the thought process and trade management strategy that... Continue Reading →

SPY Breaches Key Support Level

As I noted in the member only Trade Report two days ago, I took an early entry short position in SPY (via short ETF SDS)based on the idea that a failed breakout could lead to big gains, while continued up move would stop me out for only a small loss.Today we got the breach of... Continue Reading →

Market Notes and SPY

Talk about a brutal day. After all the talk of a market comeback yesterday, I was expecting weakness today, but nothing like this. In fact, I was so confident that the morning dip would be the low point, I bought CROX and covered my MS short (I'll post the trades later tonight). Ouch!Just as talk... Continue Reading →

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