Short Setup: FUQI

I pointed to FUQI as a short when it was around $30. I took the trade, which would have been successful had I used a wider stop. It's now broke down below the 50 day moving average and is showing distribution in the volume pattern. I will short on a pullback to the moving average,... Continue Reading →

Distribution Showing Up In Brazil ETF (EWZ)

EWZ, along with the other BRIC countries, has been on fire of late. However, the recent consolidation has the look of a short term top, with the volume pattern suggesting distribution.Note the high volume down days during the recent consolidation.

It’s Time To Short Commodities

Over the past week I have been watching for the commodity bounce to reach resistance and begin to fade. We are nearing that point in many commodity stocks. I will likely stay away from energy, as I do see more room to the upside for oil. This could boost energy stocks.Steel, agriculture, copper, gold and... Continue Reading →

Countertrend Gold Trade

Gold is getting interesting as a short term play (bearish) that is counter to the longterm trend (bullish). If light volume continues on the up move, I will enter one of the weaker stocks.

More on DBA

Before we look at the current chart, take a look at my recent DBA posts for a refresher on finding stocks/markets that are topping and ready to rollover. There is a lot to be learned from the charts.DBA today:

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