Trades and Vanity Performance Stats

I sold 1000 shares of QID at an average price of $53.86 (entry at $55.50) for a $1640 loss (-2.9%).

I covered 200 shares of AAPL at $92.05 (short at $90.10) for a $395 loss (-2.1%).

I covered 500 shares of STLD at $41.08 (short at $39.08) for a $1000 loss (-5.1%).

I sold 200 shares of VLO at $61.87 (entry at $60.24) for a $326 gain (+2.7%).

I bought 500 shares of CELG at $53.24.

I bought 1000 shares of VDSI at $17.67.

I bought 1000 shares of SMSI at $15.96.

I hope to detail the three current trades tomorrow with charts.

When I got home I was feeling depressed about the today’s losses. One of my trading buddies helped put things in perspective by telling me to take a look at all of the trades I had made leading up to today. So I did 🙂 I’ve compiled some vanity stats to help pick me up.

Since the February 27 sell off, I have made 24 trades (excluding the three trades I made today that I am still holding). Here is how I did:

  • Win Rate: 71% (17/24)
  • Total Gains: $13,962
  • Average Gain: $821

  • Loss Rate: 29% (7/24)
  • Total Losses: $4,029
  • Average Loss: $575

  • Total Gross Profits: $9,933
  • Profit After Commissions: $9,597

In 23 days, I made $9,597 as a part-time trader. Meanwhile, I made $5600 as a full-time worker. Trading Rocks!

Okay, I feel better now. Feel free to curse and throw tomatoes at the screen in disgust over my vane behavior.

To review all of my trades, go to the “Trade” label below.


9 thoughts on “Trades and Vanity Performance Stats

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  1. Hey, that’s a GOOD thing!I’m rather new to day(ish) trading and was thrilled to take home $1400 today selling some GS calls that I picked up on Monday this morning.Of course I sort of regret not holding them through the Fed meeting and taking home $5000 instead, but exiting any position in the “healthy green” is a good day nonetheless and is well within my level of risk comfort.So, bravo to you, and I hope to mirror your performance at some point down the road!


  2. I think your performance was great. Many folks lost their shirts in the past few weeks (I lost a sleeve but got that back today). Remember your own words, “If you are wrong, and we are in the midst of reversing, big deal. After all, you prudently managed your risk-reward and position sizes before the trade; so a few losing trades ain’t gonna kill ya. You did do that, right?” In hindsight, you might have tightened your stop on STLD with the recent strength in the metals. Other than that, I think the other trades were managed according to plan. Keep up the good work! -TVH


  3. I bot VDSI as well as FLIR; both brokeout of the symmetrical triangle (a continuation pattern)and both have sizable Short Ratios, so there is a pretty high probability for a Short Squeeze.


  4. I follow your blog a lot. I feel that you are pretty good at technical analysis. I do trade some trades that you trade and got good results in the past. Can you also post your stop loss limits on your trades ?? I dont have habit of putting stop loss and end up loosing lots of money in the swing.Thanks


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