How I Made 5 Grand in One Week

As mentioned in the comments section yesterday, I unloaded a number of shorts and entered a few longs:I covered 100 shares of FSLR (short at $187.33) at $164.67 for a $2266 (+12.1%).I covered 200 shares of MON at $102.43 (short at $114.27) for a $2454 (+10.7%).I covered 75 shares of GS at 188.06 (short at... Continue Reading →

Trades and Performance Stats

Here are trades I've recently made. All entries were posted to the site and can be viewed via the trade label. Entries for these trades were made on or after November 9th, and exited this week. I have completed other trades since the 9th, that were posted on the site. I have not included them... Continue Reading →

Trades and Vanity Performance Stats

I sold 1000 shares of QID at an average price of $53.86 (entry at $55.50) for a $1640 loss (-2.9%).I covered 200 shares of AAPL at $92.05 (short at $90.10) for a $395 loss (-2.1%).I covered 500 shares of STLD at $41.08 (short at $39.08) for a $1000 loss (-5.1%).I sold 200 shares of VLO... Continue Reading →

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