When You Have Inside Information And Still Lose Trading Apple

I wish I had a best friend named Billy that worked at Apple. I'd call him up and discreetly ask him in hushed tones: "Yo Billy, what's going on with Apple's earnings?" He'd hang up on me because everybody knows Apple taps employee phones. So I drive over to his house, we turn the speakers... Continue Reading →

Mon Posts Earning Surprise (and BIDU Trade)

What a freakin' relief. MON posted monster earnings this morning, and the future of this ag company looks bright. I bought 400 shares yesterday at $110.22 and the stock is currently trading above $119. I sold half my position at $119.10 for a $1776 gain (+8.0%). I am going to let the remaining 200 shares... Continue Reading →

First Mistake of the New Year

Well my friends, it didn't take me long to make a boneheaded move, on the very first day trading day of the new year. I went long MON. It looks great. A sector I love, and have made some mad coin playing (agriculture). Nice pullback to support. Nice volume pattern showing accumulation. Entry not too... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trade: BLUD and BIDU

My first post-earnings play of the season is BLUD. Immucor surpassed expectations Thursday and is now consolidating it's big high volume spike. OBV looks good and there's a nice volume pattern forming. I bought 400 shares at $38.25. Update: I bought 40 shares of BIDU at $321.23. Pullback is a bit harsh, but I'm guessing... Continue Reading →

Trades, Watchlist and Earnings Observation

I'm in a hurry today, so I'll have to outline today's trades tomorrow. In the meantime, here is my breakout-pullback candidate list.USU: pb-20-21RSH: pb 30EXM: pb 23-23.50CRY: pb 11AWC: pb 25.50DRSY: pb 35-36LXU: pb 17MCY: pb 56NILE is moving after hours based on a well liked earnings report. I've noticed that, this earnings season, stocks... Continue Reading →

Earnings Breakout Entry Question

On Tuesday I posted a few earnings breakout plays. A backer of BWLD (Buffalo Wild Wings) gave me some heat for not entering pre-earnings, and asked why I take such a conservative approach to earnings plays. Here is my answer:While it's great when you catch a BWLD earnings move, it hurts just as bad when... Continue Reading →

Today’s Trade: AAPL and ADM

I bought 200 shares of AAPL at $100.25. I went over the chart on Friday.ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Co.) reports earnings tomorrow. I will likely place a buystop at $39.75-40.10, depending on how the stock looks at the close today. If the stock clears this level (which is an intermediate term high and about a... Continue Reading →

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